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    I posted thjs yesterday but it disappeared 🙁

    If deciding to use layer of cardboard below a 15cm mulch layer (due to lots of bindweed / mare’s tail) is it best to really wet the cardboard? Can’t help think these weeds will have little issue with wet cardboard and just come straight through.

    I have access to as much well rotted manure as I like. No bedding / straw just manure. It’s between 2-6 years old and riddled with red worms. Unfortunately it’s also riddled with annual weed seeds. Is this still ok as mulch? They germinate fast in spring and are easy to remove but there are a considerable quantity of them in each bag. I am neighboured by a plot 50% covered in weeds in seed so I’ll be getting a vast quantity eitherway.



    No, don’t wet cardboard.
    Yes, use the manure with two provisos. a) test it for aminopyralid first. b) I know they’re wonderful to have and vermicompost great for the soil etc but I would try to remove as many red worms on my site as I could. That’s because I have an issue with moles and they love the worms more than I do. However, you may not have a problem, in which case go ahead.
    If you’re worried about
    the seeds you could either, top it off with a layer of shop bought compost (often reduced at the end of season), or wait until the top layer of seeds germinate and hoe off before planting in earnest.
    Either way you will have your work cut out with horsetail and bindweed, but it will lessen over time.



    Thanks 😉

    I don’t have issues with moles and have used a fair bit of this manure already. Will do a test in any case. I had considered picking up bagged compost on offer as I suspect it will actually work out cheaper than a builders bag delivered which seem to be about 700 litres and between £70-90.

    On the bind weed it will be hard work but it can’t possibly be any harder than it is now. It’s probably at least 2-3hrs a week pulling it all. I did dig some out but not sure it’s a good idea. I am not against a one time application of weed killer to get rid but I promised my partner I wouldn’t as she is 100% against it. She does help me pull lots of weeds :).
    I don’t actually mind the mare’s tail too much as it doesn’t seem to take us as much room as the bindweed and is satisfying to pull as it has strong roots and occasionally you get a foot or so of them :). It kinda looks pretty as well in a weird mini tree like way. Doesn’t look like it needs much of my resources so I just pretend it’s not a big issue and just just pull it as I see it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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