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    My french and borlotti beans grown in a bed created last month are showing a deficiency (magnesium/nitrogen?)It was the only bed I didn’t add seaweed meal to as I’d run out. They start out green at the bottom and gradually get yellower until they’re a pale primrose yellow at the top. I tried watering with seaweed solution over the leaves and roots last week but it doesn’t seem to have had an effect.
    Also my brassica seedlings planted last week have been very badly attacked by flea beetle getting under the fine mesh cover or nibbling through. The swede are just straw coloured lace. Is there any chance they’ll recover and if not am I too late to start again? I was late getting them in as I was waiting for the early potatoes to come out. Calabrese, PSB and winter cabbage also suffering. I have 3 swede seedlings left not planted. Will the flea beetle dissipate shortly so I can get them in?



    I’ve no idea and I’m not the best person to ask: despite meshing I have some sticks of kohl rabi, kale and kalettes with tatters for leaves. I have left these in before and they have recovered and gone on to give lovely harvests but this year I’m not sure if they’re too far gone. I would check your mesh for holes and make sure you’ve weighted down the edges well, because flea beetles somehow find their way through the tiniest gap. You might still have time to sow, if you don’t mind harvests being a little smaller. Alternatively save time and try buying little plantlets from Delfland Organics. Propagation Place are good too and they still have swedes for sale. Both easily found online. I know it’s not ideal and it’s hugely disappointing when your carefully tended veg become food for wildlife instead of you, but there’s no shame in buying replacement plants if you need to. There’s still time for seedlings bought now to catch up with your original sowing. Good luck!



    Thanks Sausage,
    I got the plants from Delfland originally cos I was late. They hadn’t been in long when hit by the swarm of flea beetle. Update is none of them survived!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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