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    Two of my large beds (17ft x 10ft) were extremely weedy and contained lots of perennial weeds including couch grass and nettle. I wasnt able to get hold of enough compost or manure to get a good 6 inch covering on these two particular beds so I treated them with Roundup. The weedkiller has done its job and the weeds are all dead. It is now my intention to simply cover the area with 2-3 inches of manure and begin no dig system from hereon in. (It’s not been necessary to do this with any of my other beds as they are smaller and I was able to follow Charles’s instructions on creating no-dig beds for these). Does that plan sound reasonable, or should I pull up all the dead weed debris before topping with manure/compost. Having read recent post re Roundup I’m worried I’ve caused a problem.



     I think that nobody knows for sure. At least it was just one dose – imagine the future (and current) problems where fileds are being sprayed at least once every year.

    I would carry on growing in the surface compost. At least your organic matter must be helping soil organisms to break down any residues and create a healthy soil again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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