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    Hi Charles,
    On your mid June blog you wanted me to send you photos of my beans with possible weedkiller spray drift contamination.
    First photo is rape field from allotment(obviously earlier in year)
    Second is of beans taken yesterday.
    Third is another bed of beans further away and shielded by a shed in between. They are both the same variety and planted at similar times. Beans in third photo over a foot taller and podding. (Perpetual spinach allowed to grow up between in case it confused aphids). I’m afraid I took all the tops off last month. What do you think? Sorry, they’re not great photos and have lost a lot of resolution making the files small enough to attach.
    Unfortunately both lots are now going down with chocolate spot and rust since the deluge last week.

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    Jan this is aminopyralid. Horrible.
    Google Astrokerb herbicide, made by Dow who now call themselves Corteza in the UK, based in Cambs. I would complain to them, also to your MP and quote me if it helps.
    Some rapeseed straw, sold as bedding, is causing problems (Rapasorb).

    Check if legally there should be a boundary of no-spray next to a garden/other properties?



    Thanks for replying Charles, I feared as much but didn’t know about the use for spraying rape until you mentioned it. Makes me wonder how much of the plot is affected as I’ve been mainly growing brassicas. There is a low hedge separating the fields from allotment but it has gaps in it.
    I see Corteva are based in Fulbourn, which is about 25 miles away from me. When I was a child Fulbourn was mainly known for its mental hospital. Seems poetic somehow.
    What would you do with the bean haulms? Burn them? Compost separately then test?
    Looks like I’ve a lot of work to do now!
    Sorry hadn’t replied earlier. I’d mislaid my password. Trying to help keep the forum going.
    Thank you again



    Hi, I had a great crop from my autumn planted aquadulce broad beans.

    They have now gone over and have black spot or the equivalent. Can I compost the stems or should they be destroyed?

    Can I cut the stems, add compost and plant over the top to make use of the soil channels created by the rotting roots or do they need to be dug up and destroyed?

    Many thanks for your help!

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