Can anyone help me identify this weed please

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    Good morning all

    I have a weed which is appearing all over my allotment; in the paths, between the fruit bushes, in my pile of rotting horse manure, and even in some dug beds which are covered in weed control fabric (though growing at a much slower rate there). I can only describe it as a massive upright dock leaf which grows very quickly (inches within days) and there is some in a neighbouring plot which currently stands around three feet high.

    I dug a small group up yesterday in an area about a foot square and pulled out a mass of roots.

    Can anyone identify it by my description please? I have tried to upload photos but they are too large for the site to accept. I haven’t managed to cover all the plot in polythene and am not acquiring cardboard as quickly as I would like so having to prioritise a bit and I think this little blighter is next on the list…

    Thanks in advance.



    Sorry I should have added that the roots are thick, misshapen and chunky, like a mass of very wonky parsnips.



    when you break the root does it smell like horseradish? If so, it’s horseradish!



    Yes I suspect horseradish, needs careful ‘harvesting’ of as much tap root as you can extract, then mulching and repeat removal for a year or so.
    On photos, do you not know how to downsize your photos? Your phone or computer should give options for file size on sending or uploading. Photos of smaller file size are perfectly good to view.



    Thanks Charles. Looking at pictures on Google, I think you and arbaggs are correct. I did try to reply to arbaggs yesterday but my messages didn’t show up for some reason.

    I have had another go at attaching the photos, hopefully not too small this time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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