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    I am having bad results from my cold greenhouse cucumbers this year. The fruits wither at 2cm long (see photo). I am growing Tamra and Carmen F1. Instead of 10+ cucumbers per plant I have got 10 cucumbers in total from 10 plants with some plants producing zero cucumbers.
    The plants have grown well and are all over 2m high running up a string. They are in no dig compost bed in the greenhouse that I have used for several years for tomatoes and cucumbers. There is no sign of any pests or disease. They flowered well.
    They are watered by an irrigation system every two days for three minutes (maybe not enough water?). The greenhouse has all its windows open day and night (as I cannot get to it daily).
    The only thing I did differently this year was to cut all sideshoots off (like with tomatoes). Maybe that was my big mistake??
    Grateful for any advice on what went wrong here

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by  hnsimon.
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    Simon this is strange, possibly under watering but presumably you watered similarly in previous years. Presumably same spacing of plants.
    Removing sideshoots is normal when growing them upwards.



    thanks Charles. I feel like I am watering less than last year so that is probably it. Spacing is same as yours and ground is no dig compost per usual. Interestingly the Tamra are flowering like crazy but have not developed any cucumbers yet (like it is the beginning of the season for them) and the Carmen with the withered fruits, seem to be at end of life with leaves browning.

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