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    Sarah Bell

    For the first time we have had deer in the garden and vegetable garden.

    Not a great deal to eat but they have eaten all our winter chard, sprouts etc. A bit concerned as not sure what we can do.

    The thought of fencing off the area feels expensive and tricky. Our garden is in coutryside and surrounded by fields.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    If just ‘scaring them off’ works – I don’t know how best to find/detect them – as we do have dogs – not sure if they will help but this is just one idea.

    Finally – I don’t know what the law says with regard to deer or whether a game keeper could help…?

    many thanks in advance for any help




     Hi Sarah


    Ah! this is not good. Deer eat fast and are so agile, a six foot fence is usually needed… maybe your gamekeeper friend can help? Shooting deer is not allowed, I think that limited culling is permitted.

    The cold weather is causing more wild animals to come searching for food and I have a rabbit (or two!) and hare eating my chervil and rocket at the moment, also some endives and spring cabbage. Fleece is one way of keeping them off, or netting held up by cloche hoops.



    Use fencing in your garden. The fence should be 11 inches taller. Be assured that invisible deer fencing really is-you can’t see it from most angles, so you get the protection without feeling like you’re living inside a cage. Don’t forget to deer-proof the driveway with its own fence or cattle guards.


    pat Cottam

    Fencing and proper deer fencing comes to mind first.Has to be very high and costs of course.

    When we were in Sweden noticed lots of unwashed fleeces around garden veg. plots. Were told the strong smell of lanolin kept the deer away. If they are hungry can’t imagine it would work. Same sort of principle I suppose as Badger muck to keep away Moles.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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