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    I was wondering if you guys have a Japanese plum called Lizzie? I have see somewhere on Mr. Dowding blog such tree in full blossom. I would like to ask you what is your experience with this type of fruit? Is it tasty and if it is susceptible to diseases? What are your general thoughts? I know this is a pretty new type of Japanese plum and not much can be found on the internet. Only a few shops offer this type.
    Thanks a lot for your help



     Hello Plum, yes I do have a Lizzie planted five years ago. It had such an intriguing write up in Dobies catalogue!

    An interesting plum, rounder and juicier than traditional plums, crops in late July-early August. The flavour is not exceptional (my customers prefer other plums mostly) but the texture and deep red flesh colour are lovely. Growth is slightly less vigorous than my other plums, I still do plenty of pruning in May and June, and thinning of fruit.




    Thanks a lot for your reply. I feel a little bit disappointed by your description. I mean I was hoping it will be a bit better, all those catalogues always mention only the advantages but never show the dark side. It has to be a plum which is different than other plums, it’s a Japanese plum and they taste slightly different. Is it sweet at all as they describe it? How would you rate on the scale from 1 to 10? I was considering this plum, Beauty Japanese plum or perhaps the Flavour King pluot. I was somehow convinced Lizzie is the best option since pluots require a lot of sunshine which we do not have that much here in UK. Hmmm, now I do not know what to buy, thanks for help!



     Well flavour is subjective so I may be understating it. Sweetness is good but most people reckoned the traditional plums were sweeter. Perhaps they are adapted to the fact that we are not brilliantly sunny here!

    I think we need to remember that catalogues are in the business of selling goods. I have suffered many disappointments over the years, but also found a few gems.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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