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    Hi Charles, Just wondered if you were growing Melons this year. I have tried a new variety called Emir F1 this year and am impressed with how they are doing. Seeds were from CN and were described as being able to cope with the UK summer! Plants are out climbing the cucumbers in tunnel and have several fist sized fruit on. I only have the one variety this year so have nothing to compare them against. Saw the floods on the news and hope your not too affected, localised flooding here last week. Outdoor beds looked like floating islands full of plants, no real damage though.



     Hi Robin,
    You are doing well to have fruit the size of your fist already. Maybe there is time for a harvest but …. I actually just pulled out some melon plants which were growing so slowly and planted basil instead.
    I grew Emir two years ago and it was excellent, larger than Sweetheart but a little later, most fruit in September (in polytunnel for sure).

    More heavy rain here, amazing absence of summer!


    Ate the first of the emir melons today! plenty more on the way. strong growth all though a cool summer.



     You are champion of melons Robin! mine are nowhere near. But tomatoes are good at last.


    Yes Tomatoes are finally on the way here too! Golden cherry was first to start couple of weeks ago, fantastic flavour even for the first few. On blight watch with them most days now, black cherry seeming to be worst affected. More by luck than judgement i did plant a lot of Ferline this year so will be interested to see how they compare. Dinner last night- four super marmande with basil!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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