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    Any advice on this please. I would love to grow my own figs and the lady in the shop said they are hardy and will fruit in Ireland. However she also started telling me to dig a huge trench and line it with stones so I thought I’d check here first!
    For our other fruit trees we did what Charles recommends (small hole) but apparently the fig likes its roots to be “contained” hence the stone lining. Lady said that the bigger the trench the bigger the tree and more fruit but if roots were left to keep growing in open hole then the tree concentrates on that and not fruit production. At the moment it is a stick with no leave and about 50cm tall. I planted it in a tub for the time being.
    All advice/experience very welcome!



    Hi Christine, I know that to be the advice given to anyone planting a fig tree and assume that this would be one of those exceptions to the no dig situation …! I have mine in a large dustbin and have yet to have any figs off it (nearly but not quite). I would certainly prefer to put it in the ground as watering is a pain.

    I presume you would have to make the hole bigger than you currently need for the size of plant but you wouldn’t want to be digging it all up again…..
    I’d be interested in what you decide to do and how it goes…



    How long has yours been in the dustbin? I want to get mine in the ground but am in a crisis of indecision as i made SO many mistakes already! Also have 2 asparagus plants in pots for 2 years because I can’t quite decide where the best location will be!! I”m thinking I may leave it in the pot for a year until it gets a bit bigger any way! cop out I know! I’ll let you know if I get any better ideas



    Hi Christine, my tree has been in the bin for at least a couple of years, and before that in a smaller pot, so dont think you have a problem if you aren’t ready to make a decision. I also find myself going back and forth about where to put permanent things, I dont want to then find its in the wrong place!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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