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    I have grown Runner Beans this year on a new allotment plot. The soil is free draining and quite light. I planted young plants in early June. I have watered the beans a lot but they still seem to suffer from drought. The leaves have been yellowing on occasion. I have fed with liquid organic food.
    The cropping is really only just beginning. The beans are not tough. But they are not particularly flavoursome either.
    Can anyone suggest a variety that succeeds on a dry soil. On the other hand, the climbing French Beans have not yellowed but have been slow to get going.



     I can’t help, Anne, with a varietal recommendation. It sounds as though your soil needs organic matter to hold more moisture. Light soils are easy to ‘work’ and to access but not so good for moisture loving veg such as climbing beans and celeriac. Even regular watering can be of limited value in hot weather, so beans may do better as autumn takes over.

    Can you find some good compost or manure to spread?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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