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    Sahira Ward

    Hi Charles

    I don’t know what to do I have two thirds of my order of winter veg from Dobies in the growhouse at home but the one third planted out in the plot has been lost. This included winter salad plants, cabbage, cauliflower and brocoli plants all has been eaten by slugs. My plot is totally clean of weeds, but I am surrounded in weedy plots. Harvesting the curly kale and brussel sprouts today just showed me the extent of the problem I have with this pest. I do not want to have to use slug pellets but don’t know how else I can manage this problem.





     Hi Sahira


    Sorry to hear this. Your Dobies plants did go in late though which meant there was always a risk of slug damage. For example it is why I always recommend planting spring cabbage before the end of September, so it has a chance to establish before winter and then resist the inevitable slugs. although a few weaker plants always succumb.

    I think that many seed companies are naughty in sending out plants too late and making it sound so easy. They must know that a lot of their plants are going to struggle! Or perhaps the unspoken assumption is that the buyer uses lots of slug pellets.

    Anyway the neighbours’ weeds are clearly not helping, but some cold weather might. Things will go better in spring and having your soil clean is the best start.



    Hi Sahira
    Having had a good look round this weekend there do appear to be a lot of small slugs about, especially around my Lambs letuce, where although they are not doing much damage, they are present in large numbers.

    Having removed all that I found I am wondering about using some slug pellets early before they have a chance to breed (I assume that as they had such a good year last year they will have bred like rabbits!)

    To keep chemicals away from my crops as much as possible I was thinking of putting a ring of organic slug pellets around the edge of my beds to prevent incommers and then just pick off the ones already in residence. Not sure if this will work?


    Sahira Ward

    Hi Charles and Bluebell Thanks for the comments. Yes I agree Dobies are very naughty but it is a lesson learnt about how important it is to get the timing right. I’ll harden off the remainder of my plants in the grow house and wait for the fellow allotment holders to clear their plots of weeds. Meanwhile I’ll get some used coffee grounds from our local coffee shop and find a good recipe for slug soup. LOL




    I have 5 allotments, and I have acquired a supply of coffee grinds weekly and wonder what other use they can be put to other than putting around acid loving plants




    we were talking about coffee grounds the other week:

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