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    just been up and looked at my strawberries and they seem to be going brown, would this be because of all the rain we are getting. the ripe ones are splitting near the top and
    slugs, ants and woodlice are all helping themselves to my beauties. im fighting a losing battle this yr



     You are right, it is an awful season for fruit so far, could improve next week. Rain is causing premature rots, slugs are prowling and there is no sun to bring sweetness. I am wondering about putting a cloche over stawberries.
    The plants and us need some sun above all!



    been keeping a close eye on my over wintering onions that have been double netted to keep the leek moth away. i have dug 1 up and they are now rotting, thanks to the rain. extremely depressed they are all cricket ball size and i fear i will lose the lot. this summer could be a disaster for most veg



     Sorry to hear this.

    I stopped growing autumn planted onions for this reason and now my gardens are mildew free (touchwood!) and I suspect it is mildew causing this, which can then infect spring sown onions. Currently my spring sown (and planted from sets) onions are healthy.

    Is anyone else having problems with overwintered onions?

    PS Ladbrokes, summer has barely begun, hang in there! better next week even if not hot.



    ironic really as the last 2 yrs they have fallen foul to leek moth. i only did 50 o/w onions so not too bad a loss. i also have spring planted onions which look fine under netting so fingers crossed.

    how are your squash doing as mine have seemed to stopped growing in the pots i have them in. they are still not big enough to plant out yet.

    climbing beans, runner beans, carrots, peas and courgette are all struggling

    leek seedlings(sub zero/autumn mammoth), parsnips(duchess/white gem) and marathon broccoli are doing well

    i may lost a couple of battles with o/w onions and strawberries but the war continues.



     Ladbrokes it is not a war!! I am sure you love your plants and I am glad that some are doing well. 
    Whereas climbing beans, courgettes and squash need heat which we certainly have not had recently (most of my squash are under fleece and growing alright, I plan to remove the fleece on Monday), however I think that from about next Weds we shall notice a rise in temperature and some blue sky! 

    PS about mildew on onions, it is difficult in an allotment of your neighbour has infected onions as mildew can spread quite a way, on the wind I think. I would make an allotment rule to grow only spring sown/planted onions.



    The strawberries in the raised bed are not doing too badly, they are dryer and maturing quicker than the one planted in the ground. I’ll definitely keep them in the raised in years to come! I’ve managed to discourage the black birds with a special tape that makes a vibrating noise in the wind.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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