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    Hi. I am finding that I have to clear lots of perennial weeds encroaching from the shared allotment paths onto my plot. I am keeping them mown and this helps but couch grass, bindweed, dandelion etc find their way in!

    On one side of my plot there is a drop of level which also helps (i.e. path is 10cm higher than the plot) but weeds still try to grown down the drop.

    As they are shared ‘grass’ paths I am not allowed to cover them. Has anyone experience of using a sunken wooden barrier or anything else that might help please?


    J S Bean

    I’d be interested in knowing this, too.

    On one side, the path is walked on regularly, so the grass/weeds remain low with just a little maintenance.

    On the other side are fruit trees which overhang the path slightly and it is less of a thoroughfare, so the ground gets trodden on less and requires more attention.



    No easy answer here, but long handled shears are my tool of choice, eve3ry 2-3 weeks. and they are easier to use when there is a drop.
    A wooden barrier seems not worth it + would hold slugs.
    Gewynleg a 10cm drop suggests a big loss of soil on your plat.



    Thanks Charles. My plot is on a slope side to side and I levelled the soil deliberately (i.e so my plot is now more flat) leaving the drop. My plot was like full of craters and mini hills before so needed to level it more anyway before putting cardboard, etc down.

    It’s easier to get the weeds on that side but on two other plot edges I am constantly having to dig out the weeds that encroach (under membrane too!)



    My plot is next to a designated ‘wildlife area’. Its a windy site. I now have seeding dock, many grasses inc couch, bindweed, willow herb, creeping woodsorrel, thistle, bramble etc, etc – you get the picture – all within 30 cm of my plot.
    It’s been designed and tended by the lady chairman (who’s put a small wildflower meadow right next to my plot too) so I can’t even complain.
    Oh joy.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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