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    Hi everyone I have made a bed for Asparagus around 6x3m by mulching 6 in of council compost over close mown grass in a raised bed. I planted 2 rows of crowns some of which are doing OK though about 30% do not appear to have survived.Couch grass is my main enemy but has been manageable.
    A couple of weeks ago I planted a 6 m row of seedlings most of which have perished. I suspect pidgeons and fortunately I hedged my bets so have about another 20 seedlings left in the greenhouse.
    I was thinking of just planting the rest out with netting to protect them but how would I tell if another pest such as asparagus beetle was responsible and what could I do to protect the seedlings if that was the case? I seem to remember reading somewhere that asparagus grown from seed is best planted out the year after sowing but this does seem to protract the process even further!
    Advice appreciated



    Hi Al. Asparagus is a slow burn crop, in that it requires dedication and patience in equal measure to bring about successful harvests. However, once established, they become low maintenance; annual dressing of compost and keep the bed weed free 🙂 Charles has some great write ups with photos in his blogs and info pages on his asparagus bed – check em out. HTH



    Stringfellow is right, no rush!
    Seedlings are best grown under cover for a whole year, potted on as necessary, to plant large next March.



    I kept mine in a greenhouse for a year (2017-18) before planting out. They never died down and I was able to continue feeding /potting on to build up the crowns. Great use of winter greenhouse space…



    Ok thanks all I’ll keep them under cover. Maybe the crowns I planted which appear not to have made it will perk up next spring – here’s hoping!



    Asparagus beetle does not (directly) affect the roots. It feeds on the ferns.

    In the Low Countries, we often grow asparagus differently: we make a sort of “raised beds” on top of the crowns, which allows to harvest white asparagus. Harvesting continues up to the summer solstice, after which new growth is allowed to form ferns and gather sufficient energy for next year’s growth.
    Also, growth is highly temperature dependent. We grew asparagus in sandy soil, which warms up quickly in spring and allows growing straight instead of crooked plants.

    A visual impression:



    Thanks everyone for the helpful replies in fact I have noticed that some of the seedlings I planted have recovered but I will follow your advice and keep the others in the greenhouse till next year

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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