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    hi i’ve just spent all day researching this, thought i’d post it in case it can save time for others.

    ScotPlantsDirect – small selection of soft fruits but by far the cheapest. we ordered our hedge from here and they were really helpful re arranging when to deliver and when we amended our order several times!

    for things that SPD don’t stock –
    all have some good offers if you get 2 or more of each type

    also worth a look at for a massive range of fruits you’ve never heard of, also with quite good multibuy offers (dewberry, crowberry, gloire de sablon, bite size kiwis, casseille, all gone on my wishlist!) plus they claim pawpaws are hardy in the UK?? i guess not in the pennines though ha.



     Thanks Ashleigh for this helpful list. A word of caution about exotic soft fruits, of which I have tried a few over the years (casseille, aronia, honeyberry) and they have been disappointing in both yield and flavour. Unless you have lots of space to fill and money to spare, I would stick to the tried and tested black- and red-currants, gooseberries etc for tasty quantities of reliable fruit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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