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    Daisy Debs

    Hello , I am hoping to have seeds at the end of the year , if anyone is interested 🙂 Debbie


    Richard Freedman

    Hi Debs, I would love to get some seeds, I love growing Squashes and this seems like a great variety, is that possible?



    Daisy Debs

    Hello Richard , I have only just joined on this wonderful website , so I,m not sure how or if there is a way to do private messages..I will see how many seeds I get at the end of the season and will be happy share them out to more serious Squash growing people who will keep it pure and pass on the seeds .Mine came from America , from a kind lady who had grown from the first ones shared at a meeting . She sent me four seeds . One I saved for next year should they all fail, three I planted , one came up and got broken down to the cotyledon leaves …so I had to plant the top bit as a grew ! There is plenty about this variety on the internet and even though the original story turned out to be vastly exaggerated ,it is still a beautiful and ancient variety nurtured and kept pure for hundreds of years by the Native American Indian lady veg gardeners . I too have kept it pure as best I can by hand pollination . It is a surprisingly healthy variety , no sign of that mosaic virus that other courgettes and squashes usually get , lovely healthy leaves .
    I prepared a large round no – dig keyhole bed for it ….. very successful indeed !
    So please can someone tell me how to send private messages on here ?



    Debbie thanks for your comments, sorry I don’t know of a way to private message here.
    Maybe put your email in a link, to avoid spammers.


    Daisy Debs

    Hello Charles , I,m not sure how to do that ? I know it’s not the done thing to advertise any other website but I can be found as Woodypecks on Allotments4All..where you can send me a private message . What I will ask is..if anyone is interested ..just to send me a small padded self addressed envelope and I will send maybe a couple or more seeds out,depending on how many I get and how many people are interested ..oh ..for free 🙂
    If you have been successful in growing a Pink Banana Squash then you should be able to grow this..I think I might be the first or one of the first to grow this here in the U.K.( Cornwall ) . Please delete my comments if not allowed . I,m not very good at computer stuff ,but would just like to share the fun I,ve had growing this Squash . love your books ! Debbie 🙂 x



    Thanks Daisy Debs.
    Hey A FIRST.
    Write your name, highlight it with the mouse then click on link in the top bar, third from left, add your address in the box you see – this tops spammers from harvesting addresses


    Daisy Debs

    Daisy Debs
    Thankyou Charles.. I hope it has worked . This should be the link to contact me for anyone wanting Gete-okosomin Squash seeds .



    Hello Daisy.
    Any chance you have any more seeds?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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