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    The allotment next to ours has become well endowed with ground elder. If/when it gets to ours is there anyway to eradicate it or when once it’s arrived is that it? Obviously we don’t want to use chemicals. Our plot was double dug & plenty of manure in & on. We hadn’t heard of Charles at that point but it would still have needed doing.



    we have ground elder coming under the hedges on three sides of our allotment we put down cardboard and pile on wood chips which are supplied for free at the allotment. Down one side where a border goes right up to the hedge we put leaves – or partly made leaf mould – on top of the cardboard – also supplied free – and this manages to keep things under enough control to only have to re apply this once a year. I understand, however, at the recent AGM meeting at Garden Organic that James Wong recommends newspapers rather than cardboard for ground elder as when it gets wet it forms an impenetrable layer for longer. We will certainly give this a try.



    Hi all, I’m in the process of setting a new veg bed up. When we moved here about a year ago I spread old carpet over the veg bed area which was mainly Bramble and ground elder. I’ve sourced some local compost&manure now so was aiming to create raised beds with 15cm of the lovely stuff. Do I need to dig over the ground first once I’ve removed the carpet and remove any roots of ground elder or would the compost suppress it enough? Many thanks for any advise. Kind regards Tess



     Hi Tess

    So far, so good.
    Is the ground elder dead or can you see white roots still? Also are the brambles dead? If not their stumps may need removing. Please advise on ground elder roots!



    Hi Charles, should have done that first sorry! Pulled back the carpet and there are some roots near the edges-odd bit of bindweed, possible bramble, bracken, but don’t think there is any ground elder. More towards the middle the only things still growing are some very yellow bluebells (some have managed to break through the carpet!) and quite a bit of cuckoo pint. Can’t see any obvious roots at the surface. What’s the verdict?! I’m hoping not to have to dig as its quite a big area, although I will dig up the Bluebells and move them. Many thanks Tess



     Your ground sounds mostly clean and the only digging is to remove the cuckoo pint (wild arum, lords and ladies) which otherwise will persist, it needs careful trowelling out of each one, including the little white bulbs which are keen to stay! Then you can compost and start sowing and planting.



    Fantastic! That’s great, thanks so much charles.

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