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    Kevin Anderson

    As all subscribers to this forum appreciate, Charles is a persuasive advocate for “no dig gardening”. This video by Charles at YouTube gives us a wonderful example of the efficacy of growing carrots by direct seeding into the compost layer, rather than into soil, particularly freshly dug soil.

    This following video might be of interest to anyone who doubts the wisdom of direct sowing carrot seed into compost:

    In this video, a Tennessee (US) market gardener talks about his experiences of commercial growing of carrots for local restaurants. As an experiment he did not till the soil, but direct drilled into freshly laid compost (he said “1 inch” (= 2.5 cm)).

    He said that he had 100% germination rate.

    He further noted that, in his experience, this was vastly superior to the germination rate of carrots sown into dug or tilled soil, not to mention the attendant agony of the inevitable weeds, and spending time weeding.

    So, if confirmation is needed of the superiority of growing carrots using “no dig/adding compost as a layer to the soil”, this Tennessee market gardener’s video provides it.

    Thanks, Charles, for your video (above) and other videos that you have put on YouTube in relation to carrot growing, and “no dig gardening”.



    Last year (2017) I sowed a section of carrots (in August) using the no-dig method and was amazed at the germination and wonderful carrots that grew right through until February this year!
    I was fortunate to be offered an allotment this year and although it was rotavated before I took it over I have used the no-dig method throughout this year and have had an abundance of vegetables and successful second sowings too with a thin layer of compost (due to cost and availability)!
    The carrots I planted there and at home in my garden have been a huge success again through the no-dig method and I am certainly a convert to such an easy method of growing and do try and pass on Charles’s methods to my allotment neighbours.
    Although they do look at me as if I am a bit mad! But time and my lovely allotment will tell!



    A photo of a section of my allotment a week ago 🙂

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    Thanks for your words and the link Kevin.
    And lovely to hear your success story Jan.
    It’s funny or strange how this no dig method, so easy and effective, has been so little mentioned or used.
    Some worry that you need more compost but to grow great veg, you need compost, and less than when soil is dug.

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