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    I wonder why this year for the first time after 5 years no dig, my onions, I grew from sets, have gone soft with Grey mold on them, in store. I harvested them in the dry weather after all the tops had fallen over. I left them out in the dry air for 24 hours then stored them in a dry barn that has daylight and on a ventilated shelf. It did get warm in the barn on the sunny days. This year I thought, because it was so hot and dry when we harvested, we had a bumper crop, but it is not turning out like that as they are not keeping. The type is early fen and red baron please can any one help?



    Mine have been like this too though I am storing for the first time in a brick shed in the dark so thought it might just be too damp haven’t negotiated agreement to keep them hanging in the kitchen!



    Dry warmth is best for onions, dryness especially.
    Al, say how they look so nice hanging in a kitchen!!
    RandA my money is on the sets bringing some disease. I never had problems from seed-grown onions in dry years like we just had. And there was probably a bit of grey mould there at harvest time, fungus on leaves.



    I too have grown onions in raised beds this year at home as I have given up my allotment now due to severe weed problems
    on the site.
    So far all is well I have them strung up in a cupboard in the house which is warm and dry.
    I will keep a close eye on them for any problems.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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