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    the rented house we have just moved to has a totally neglected walled garden of about an acre which I am excited to do some growing in. I am starting this year by establishing a basic veg growing area but wanted some advice on how to work with the edges of the plot. There are lots of perennial weeds, especially pernicious is ground elder.
    I have cut down vegetation in the area (18 m X 10 m) I will be spreading compost on, and the surrounds, and am in the process of piling on mushroom compost to a depth of 6ins as far as possible, but am wondering how you prevent weeds/grass encroaching from the edge of the plot into the new compost. I can keep the edge mown fairly short but Must I edge the edge with light excluding mulch? And if so, when this area is clean from weeds, how do I stop weeds on the edge of this bit encroaching??!

    I have access to quite a lot of grass clippings – could I use these as a thick mulch all the way around the edge and on paths within the plot or will they be too attractive to slugs?? or does it need to be cardboard/black plastic?

    Thank you Charles for all your inspiration, and excellent rescources, I am a huge fan.

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